Mineral Spraying Oils

KJ Reyland | 19 October, 2021

            Mineral Spraying Oil NZ

Refined paraffin oils have been used for control of small soft bodied sucking insects, and their eggs for centuries. They kill by smothering not by poisoning.They are very low toxicity and certified organic.Common brand names you may be familiar with are Yates Conqueror Oil, Yates Bug Oil ( Ready to use gun) Grosafe Enspray 99, Kiwi Garden Spraying Oil or Kiwicare Organic Super Spraying Oil.

However, all brands of paraffin oil are not equal, varying in type and purity.
Our recommendation is Grosafe Enspray 99. It is a pharmaceutical grade paraffinic oil of very high purity at 99.8%. (Other brands vary between 96%- 98%) The pharmaceutical grade paraffinic content and high purity are both important.

  1. The pharmaceutical grade paraffin provides a finer, more even coverage of oil which smothers the insects more effectively.
  2. The high purity reduces risk of foliage burn, allowing  Enspray 99 to be used on all plants except succulents and one or two others. 

Grosafe Enspray 99 is safe to use and very effective for control of aphids, white fly, thrips, mites, mealy bug and scale. Because of the high paraffinic content, it is also effective for controlling powdery mildew and fungal disease. It can be used on fruits, vegetables and  ornamentals. (There is a one day withholding period on edibles)

Grosafe Enspray 99 is also effective as a ‘spreader-sticker’ thus making it a good partner for other pesticides. It helps them to stick to the leaf when applied so they work to their full potential.


As with any oil spray, avoid spraying plants under drought stress, on hot days or when humidity is high and drying slow. Total coverage of all surfaces is required for full control. Do not use more than 10mls per litre. If using in mixture with BioNeem use 8 mls of Enspray 99 plus 2 mls of BioNeem per litre. 

The effectiveness ofGrosafe Enspray 99 is improved if used in mixture withGrosafe BioNeem orNaturally Neem. It is also a good partner forGrosafe Free Flo Copper fungicide.

Grosafe Enspray 99 is available from major independent garden centres throughout NZ and from a few Mitre 10 Mega stores.

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