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Garden Advice is a website with a difference.

We are independent and the information we give is current best practice, sustainable and science proven. It can be hard to know where to start looking online for reliable information that is relevant to New Zealand and showcases New Zealand products. Garden Advice is the place to look for every level of gardener, from beginner to experienced. 

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Pesticides - Do we need them? Are they safe? What does the science say?

07 June, 2022

Choosing the correct pesticide is vital for successful results. There are many options available and lots of varying opinions about what is most effective and safest. Learn what you can do to minimise issues with pests. Prevention is always easier than cure. Learn about the history of insect and fungal control and the products we recommend for cost effectiveness, low environmental impact and low toxicity.

Weed control in the home garden

17 May, 2022

What weeds are and how to control them in different situations at your place. Difficult to control weeds are also covered. Organic alternatives and their effectiveness. Is glyphosate bad?

Neem oil - A natural insecticide

09 May, 2022

Neem insecticide is considered a safe option to control sucking and some chewing insects but not all brands are created equal. Learn which brands are safe to use on edible crops.

The Home Orchard – Essential NZ Guide

Growing your own fruit is a rewarding and satisfying pastime. By following a few simple rules, it can also save heaps on your food bill.
This book puts together all you need to know to grow fruit successfully – range, best varieties, soil preparation, important cultural methods, minimal spraying, how and when to prune, fertiliser, and watering regimes. All varieties, products and practices are science proven and have been fully evaluated to ensure you get the best results and satisfaction, at the same time maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.
This book is written as a guide for the enthusiast with space, as well as gardeners with limited space typical of today’s small backyards. 140 illustrations and photographs enhance the science and evidenced based approach.  

It recommends:
A mix of fruits to provide a harvest every month of the year.
The best varieties for yield, taste and disease resistance.
Achievable and easily managed small trees for small spaces, including growing in pots.
Sustainable and Organic options.  
All of the information required to achieve success with growing a home orchard can be found in this book. The Home Orchard is a follow up to Garden Pest & Disease Control by Bill Brett who was recently awarded Associate of Honour Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture. Forward by Dr Keith Hammett- Plant Breeder.

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