The Home Orchard

The Home Orchard –Essential NZ Guide to Growing Fruit

This book has been written as a guide for both the many new recruits to the gardening resurgence, and for the more experienced to learn more and become experts. It is a comprehensive ‘How To’ guide to all aspects of growing fruit

  • Range selection - the best tasting, reliable, disease resistant varieties, to provide fruit every month.
  • Best use of space - species, varieties, training methods to provide fruit year-round.   
  • Soil preparation, planting and fertilising - including how to have success in clay soils
  • Growing in pots- gets more varieties into a small area. Take them with you when moving house.
  • Early training - to get the best shape for small backyards and easy management. 
  • Pollination and thinning - to ensure a reliable crop. 
  • Pruning established trees for easy management and to ensure fruiting every year. 
  • Pest and disease prevention and control.  

The emphasis is on sustainable best practice, but science proven organic methods are also covered. 

190 pages with 140 photos and illustrations.

The Home Orchard (Foreword by Dr Keith Hammett- Plant Breeder) is a follow up to Garden Pest & Disease Control by Bill Brett. Bill was recently awarded Associate of Honour Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture, in recognition of achievements and contribution to horticulture.

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