Garden Pest & Disease Control

At last, a comprehensive book on Garden Pest & Disease Control for NZ.

This science-based book of proven methods of prevention and control, written by expert Bill Brett has received a big welcome.

There is no silver bullet to pest and disease prevention and control. It can only be achieved by using a combination of cultural practices, genetics (plant breeding), garden hygiene, biological techniques, and timely targeted use of approved low toxicity effective pesticides. This holistic approach is referred to in commercial horticulture as ‘integrated pest management’ (IPM). This book brings the sustainable IPM approach to home gardeners. 

  • Identification section indexed by host plant, with 240 photos to help gardeners confirm the pest or disease.
  • All science proven cultural practices of prevention.  
  • Full details of the life cycle of each pest / disease and the time or conditions attack are likely, and the best methods of prevention and control.
  • Science proven organic options – not myths
  • Details of every pesticide available in NZ – overview, approved use, active ingredient, toxicity, withholding periods, compatibility, cost effectiveness, comparison to alternatives, and availability.
  • Quick reference charts to find the most appropriate product to use for each vegetable / fruit. 

This book will save you money by ensuring you correctly identify the problem, take all proven steps of prevention, know if or when intervention is required, and to choose the appropriate, legally approved, safe pesticide for the particular crop.

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